Santa wants all the children to come to their front door or gate and give him a wave and a cheer when he drives past.  This is the route he will follow

Shore Street

The Parade

Right into Manor Street

Railway Street

Saltworks Street

Right on to William Street

Left on to Manor Street

Left on to Millisle Road

Edgewater/Edgewater Cove

Left on to Edgewater Bay

Left on to Garret Rocks

Left on to Dorman’s Point

Right on to Robby’s Point

Right into Copeland Square round square and exit on to Robby’s Point turning left

Left on to Dormans Point

Right on to Garret Rocks

Pass junction with Edgewater Bay

Left on to Garret Rocks and right on Oyster Cove

Left into Cairn Point

Back to Garret Rocks and turn right

Turn Right on to Edgewater Bay

Pass Quayside

Take exit to Millisle Road and turn left

Left into Morey Ave

Right at junction with Morey Hills

Right on to Morey Drive

Left on to Morey Ave

Turn left at junction with Millisle Road

Turn Left on to Killaughey Road

Left into Cypress Park and the right into Cypress Cres

Left on to Cypress Park

Left  then right into Rosepark and follow circuit round

Left on to Killaughey Road

Left on to Northfield Road

Left on to Cannyreagh Road

Left on to Beechfield Drive

Left on to Cannyreagh Road

Left on to Ashfield Drive

Right into Pine Park

Left on Ashfield Drive

Back out to Cannyreagh Road

Left at Barnagh Park

Left onto Cannyreagh Rd

Right into Northfield Road

Left on to Killaughey Road

Left on to High Street

At Hightrees take High Bangor Road

At Hadlow turn right on to Rocklyn Avenue

Take first left on to Rocklyn Walk

Left on to Rocklyn Drive

Right on to Rocklyn Place (runs parallel to High Bangor Rd)

Follow road round and take first left (name unknown)

At top of road turn right on to Rocklyn Walk

Turn right at junction with Rocklyn Avenue

Back to High Bangor Road and turn left

Turn left on to New Road

Left at bottom and proceed to Barnhill

Keep right on Barnhill until back on to main entry point

Proceed to Warren Road and turn right

Back into town and turn right up East Street

Left on to Moat Street

Unfortunately Santa can’t get into every street in our town so if you come out to meet him please do remember to keep a social distance.  We don’t want anyone catching cold so we will update this page as we progress.  The plan is to start at 5.30pm prompt

Merry Christmas

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