You will be delighted to know that at the Translink Awards Ceremony in Dungannon we were awarded first place in the town category.

Setting aside the award, the displays this year have drawn much positive comment and this is due entirely to everyone who played their part – traders with hanging baskets, our floral crowns, the Rotary display at Hightrees, folks who look after the planters and boats on the seafront, our lobster posts on the traffic islands, Killard School and the folks who took their window boxes and the basket watering team – all in all a great team effort.

We know this high level of volunteer engagement scores highly with the judges but it is important too in our efforts to build community spirit and civic pride and so on behalf of the Association I want to thank you for your contribution.

We are exploring with the Council the possibility of winter plants for the planters and boats on the seafront and if you would like to participate please contact us here


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