Santa has lost his reindeer and must get them all back for Christmas.  A sharp eyed elf called Jingle saw them run into Donaghadee and hide in different shop windows but he and all the other elves are far too busy making toys for all the children to go and search for them.  Jingle has made up a few rhymes to give us clues to where they are hiding.


The Hunt starts at the Christmas Tree and proceeds clockwise round the town centre.  Do please take care when crossing the road.  There are pictures of nine reindeer to find.  Just write the names of the reindeer and the shop where you found it in the box below and Bring completed sheets back to Bow Bells or Dunn’s Footwear before 5pm on Saturday 4th December.  Santa has left a small prize for all the children who give him the right answers



  1. Competition is for children aged 11 and under
  2. Only one entry per child
  3. Please be aware of road safety at all times and use pelican crossings where possible. An adult should escort very young children.
  4. The competition starts at 9.15am on Friday 3rd December and closes at 5pm on Saturday 4th December.



I hope you each can take the time

To solve the clues in Jingle’s rhyme

And bring to Santa Christmas cheer

By finding all his lost reindeer.

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