The Blair Mayne Bursary Guidance Notes


The legacy of great men such as Blair Mayne is the freedom in all its forms which has, and continues to be, enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people across the world today.

The response to the public appeal for the memorial to Colonel Mayne was so great that the funds raised exceeded the amount required to commission the bronze statue which now graces Conway Square in Newtownards. Consequently the Council decided to use these surplus funds to establish the Blair Mayne Bursary.


Who Can Apply?

The Bursary welcomes applications:

  • From residents of the Ards and North Down Borough who are aged 25 years or under.


What Are The Categories?

There are three categories:

  • academic study
  • sport, and
  • adventure training.


What Level Of Funding Is Available?

Each bursary is £500.


What Do I Need To Do To Apply?

Complete the application form, making sure to record your address and date of birth.


Provide as much detailed information and supporting documentation as you can. The form consists of only one page and applicants are actively encouraged to use continuation sheets to ensure that the Blair Mayne Bursary Committee has enough information with which to assess applications.


Remember that the Bursary’s guiding principle is ‘aspiring to excellence’ and therefore, applications are scored with the following criteria and should clearly indicate how the bursary would demonstrate each:

  • Aspiring to Excellence (Max. 10 points)
  • Innovation /creativity (Max. 10 points)
  • Benefit to others (Max. 5 points)
  • Personal development of the candidate (Max. 10 points)

As special emphasis is placed on these areas, applicants should try to address them when completing their forms.


When Will I Know The Outcome?

The Blair Mayne Bursary Committee will meet to assess applications as soon as possible, normally in January, and applicants will be informed of the outcome in writing thereafter.

Click here for the application form

For further information contact Susan Senior, Ards and North Down Borough Council, Town Hall, The Castle, Bangor, BT20 4BT, Tel: 028 9182 4004, E: