DRAFT Minutes of meeting of the Traders Sub-Group

held in Pier 36 on Monday 29th April


  1. Attendance

1.1    Those present were:-

Apologies: Joanne and John Williamson- Corner Shop, Ryan Gordon – Chemist, Bill Kirkwood- Dinky donuts, Joe Wright – Joe Wright’s Butchers, Niki – Grace Neills, Carol Day

  1. Minutes of Meeting held on 25th February 2019

2.1    These were agreed following a proposal by Denis Waterworth and seconded by Adrian Kerr


  1. Matters Arising from these Minutes

3.1    CCTV – The response from the petition was a total of 848 signatures.  Denis Waterworth and Murray Bailie have retained the petition in order to get more signatures.  Following discussion, it was decided we need to present these to the council and perhaps get a photo to send to the spectator.  All agreed that Joe Wright and Sue Lindsey would be the best people following the recent incidents at their premises and should be asked to the handover.

3.2    First Aid Kits/Debrillator Signs – Johanna Logan reported that Gordons could supply First Aid kits for £13.49 each.  The Chemist and or the Health Centre would be the first point of call during the day and it was felt that the kits would be best located in establishments open in the evening.  On that basis it was decided that the following traders be asked to keep a kit provided they have a first aider trained Co-op, Grace Neills, Pier 36, Moat Inn, Captains Table and either Eurospar or Hightrees.  Johanna Logan will investigate and arrange accordingly.  (See also item 6).  Tim Johnston explained that establishments with their own defibrillator should register these with NI ambulance service


  1. Floral Decorations

4.1    John Caldwell reported that following orders for 64 baskets, the Management Committee had spent over £2,000 on new brackets for those establishments without an existing bracket and had purchased 20 additional tubs at a cost of £50.  Two traders had withdrawn on account of the insurance requirements but a further 4 had withdrawn giving no reason.  This was very disappointing.

4.2    The process of fixing brackets was now underway, and the tubs would be available towards the end of May

4.3    Murray Bailie has offered to help with the transportation of the baskets and Judith Lewis advised that Shields will be happy to store them in their car park.


  1. Summer Festival 2019

5.1       John Caldwell reported that the programme was still being put together but currently there were some   35 events on the period 22 June to the end of September involving 23 organising groups.  He asked for traders who would be available to help to pass him their details

5.2    He expected to hear the outcome of the Festival grant application within the next few weeks.  He reminded members that they had agreed that each town centre trader would be asked to contribute £25 to Festival Funds and as always Traders were encouraged to consider sponsoring an event.

5.3    We ideally require a minimum of 20 entries to the Soap Box Derby and have requested for help on the day setting up etc


  1. Training

6.1    Making Tax Digital – Gary McNinch has advised that his accountant is unable to deliver any training at the moment.  JL to contact HMRC to investigate possible

6.2    JL/JC to get costs for certificate based first aid training.

6.3    There was a general discussion regarding the need for training for traders in dealing with customers with dementia or autism.  John Caldwell and Alan Maxwell confirmed that previous events on such issues had not been well supported.  It was agreed that the secretary would research whether there were explanatory leaflets which traders might find useful.


  1. AGM and Membership

7.1    The AGM would be held on Monday 13th May.  Membership fees were also now due and would be collected between now and the AGM.


  1. Any Other Business

8.1    Gary McNinch advised that he is intending to stand down in the next year and asked for other people to consider becoming a committee member

8.2    Stephen Bailie raised the issue of the current meeting time/day – Discussed the possibility of changing the meeting format and time.  JC indicated that the council may subsidise a ‘Networking Meeting’ with a light breakfast/lunch and a speaker.

8.3    Kate Boyd noted that we will need some traffic cones for the SuperCar event

8.4    Dennis Waterworth advised that he had heard complaints regarding rubbish and broken glass around the Moat – JC to send email to the council

8.5    Murray Bailie noted that the public toilets needed to be open on bank holidays


The next meeting – TBC

Photography by John Clare (@JClionsden)