Thank you to everyone for contributing ideas all of which were passed on to the Council. Council officers have examined all the suggestions and drawn up a shortlist for further consideration by the community. In deciding which ones to include the Council has taken into account these key points:-
• They should remain in a prominent position in Donaghadee and serve as a permanent reminder of the pandemic;
• It may be possible to use the stones in more than one location;
• They cannot be fixed on the harbour structure as this is a listed structure;
• The stones are likely to loosen if fixed to a vertical surface; and,
• If incorporated into a permanent structure then visibility, health and safety and maintenance need to be considered.

Based on these the Council would like the community to consider each of the following possibilities and then complete the survey accessible via the link. The deadline for returns is 15th January 2021.
The Council has asked that anyone wishing to retain their stone should remove it as soon as possible and by 31st December at the latest. During January remaining stones which are usable will need to be packed away and those not usable returned to the foreshore.


Option 1 – At the former fountain in Lemon’s Wharf (Playground on shorefront)

Using the stones in this area was a popular suggestion.  This could be an artistic feature involving staff from the Council’s Arts Department, the local community and a local artist or designer



Option 2 – At the area between the war memorial and

the slipway. This could be an artistic feature developed on the same lines as Option 1.



Option 3 – Take photographs of the stones and display these and others submitted by the community in permanent exhibition. Bury the stones and mark the spot with a plaque

Option 4 – Used to make a feature and then covered in a see through resin.


This survey now is closed, the results have been passed to the council.  Thank you to everyone who responded