The Council has asked the Community Development Association to assist in its efforts to find a workable solution to the Covid-19 Stones on the harbour.  In the meantime it has agreed that the stones can remain where they are until January but of course anyone wishing to remove their stone during this period is free to do so.

The Association is very mindful of the sensitivities surrounding this issue and wants to involve the community as much as possible in the process.  We think the best way forward is to invite the community to put forward ideas for the permanent display and then find a way of gauging the level of support for each.

We are already aware of several suggestions for alternative locations for the display of the stones:-

  • Use them as a surround for a flowerbed perhaps at the Moat car park or the Commons;
  • Embed them into the face of the new wall planned to separate the Community Centre from the proposed re-surfaced car park adjoining Copeland Gin;
  • Use the stones to construct a Covid-19 Memorial, perhaps located near the War Memorial or Lemon’s Wharf

At this stage then we are inviting local residents to put forward any other suggestions or indeed alternative approaches to that outlined above.  It would be helpful if these could be put forward as soon as possible and by 30th November at the latest.  Suggestions can be:-