The Public Health Agency has a contract with  WRDA  to deliver Breast Cervical and Bowel screening awareness Programmes to hard to reach groups across Northern Ireland. As well

as providing information and awareness sessions the participants are encouraged to attend for  screening sessions when invited. The sessions are for women between 18 plus (for the breast and cervical sessions) and women and men of 18 plus for the bowel session. The programme is normally delivered over three two hour sessions but we can also deliver a stand alone bowel session if there are any Mens Groups.  There is no cost to groups that participate. I can  email posters in word that groups can use to publicise the programme.


The sessions cover:

·         Breast awareness and Breast Screening, including a practical demonstration on how to check your breasts and the signs and symptoms to look for

·         Cervical Screening, including what happens at a smear test the types of results and what they mean

·         Bowel Cancer Screening, including the signs and symptoms to look out for and how to take the screening test.

WRDA Programmes are delivered by experienced trainers qualified to Level 3 in Training and Development through WRDA’s Community Facilitators Training Programme and provide employment for local women whilst building Community Capacity.



If you are in contact or associated with a local community or women’s group that would benefit from this training or need any further information feel free to get in touch with Katherine Robertson by calling 028 90230212 or by emailing for further details.

Kind regards Katherine


Katherine Robertson

Programme Coordinator

Mondays to Thursdays

Women’s Resource and Development Agency

6 Mount Charles



Tel: 028 9023 0212

Fax: 028 9024 4363