‘Art at the Heart’


The Institute for Conflict Resolution have been appointed by North Down and Ards PEACE IV Partnership as delivery agents to deliver a Community Based Arts Programme with villages on either side of the Peninsula.

We aim to recruit 24 participants, aiming to draw 4 from each village, with some of the events, theatre or musical performances and workshops, for example, being open more broadly to participants from across the Peninsula.

Participants in this arts project should benefit from connectivity through cross border contact with those from a range of diverse backgrounds and faiths. The programme is cross community in nature with people from Middle Eastern European Countries, primarily Poland, Slovakia, Solvenia, along with the local Jewish community participating to explore their culture and build sustainable, meaningful and purposeful relationships.

Workshops and site visits will highlight issues of identity through the history and legacy in the Peninsula area and the contribution made to the area by those who have come to live in the area. This includes the history of minority ethnic communities and those who are semi-permanent ‘caravan’ residents as well as other visitors to villages throughout the Peninsula. The project will build skills and develop capacity of participants through site visits, guest speakers, a range of performance and art workshops and the collective development of six pieces of site-specific public art.  These will be created by the residents based on local history events related to identity and placed in 6 villages on either side of the Peninsula:




Programme of events:
6 Cultural Exploration Workshops – Participants will be taken from the Peninsula to look at places of ‘otherness’ in preparation for their considering their own and the Peninsula’s heritage. Visits will include to the Synagogue, Belfast Islamic Centre, Indian/Sikh Temple/Gurdwara,

6 Dialogue Sessions – gently exploring both the positive and the more challenging sides of cultural expression, taking the learning from the earlier cultural exploration workshops to further consider the heritage of the area.

6 Arts Workshops – participants will engage in taster sessions of a range of different art forms which have relevance to the history of the area – this will include, but not exclusivity, weaving, culinary skills, blacksmithing, visual arts including photography and ceramics.

6 Site Visits between Villages – visits to different locations along the Peninsula will bring participants to understand better the art of the natural world and its healing and nutritional properties and how this has been used historically to address division and unite communities.

Drama and Performance Arts Workshop – A series of workshops leading to performances will be undertaken drawing on local resources (locations and oral histories as well as music). The performances will be opened up to audiences from the villages and wider community to enable the broader demographic to benefit from the programme.

2 Day Cross Border Residential
Bringing participants to work together and with members of the Peace IV Partnership and Council officers and officials to consider how the past is presented in public art and to plan for the creation of public art locally

OCN Training Course – participants will undertake an accredited OCN learning programme with a focus on the role of arts and heritage

6 Ceramic Mosaic Pieces – working with Council and stakeholders within the village areas to site and create a series of six site specific public art mosaic pieces whose style and narrative will include aspects of the six villages’ indigenous heritage alongside that of the in-comers culture.

ICR will provide all transport and where appropriate refreshments

Time commitment: 2 events per month from January 2018 – March 2019. Participants need to commit to the entire programme, attending a minimum of 80% of events.

We anticipate having participants signed up to the programme by 30th November for a Launch event in early December with events beginning in January 2018.

Contact details:
Tel: 02890742682
Email: denisehughes@conflictresearch.org.ukDr Katy Radford / Denise Hughes
Institute for Conflict Research
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